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Vivien Leigh - The Beautiful Never Fade

About Vivien Leigh

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Birth Date: November 5, 1913
Birth Place: India
Siblings: None
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 104lbs
Waist: 22 inches
Hair: Dark brown, yet loved to wear stage wigs
Eyes: blue-green
Husbands: Leigh Holman (divorced), Laurence Olivier (divorced)
Children: Suzanne
Occupation: Actress
Awards: Oscar for Best Actress (Gone with the Wind), Oscar for Best Actress (Streetcar Named Desire), Tony (Tovarich)
Favorite Hobbies: Flower arranging, doing crossword puzzles, interior design, throwing parties, fashion, and learning new languages.
Favorite Flower: White Rose
Favorite Perfume: Joy
Habits: Smoking and drinking and swearing
Favorite brand of cigarettes: Players
Languages: English, German, and French
illnesses: TB and manic depression
Died: July 7, 1967 (TB)

One period in her life, Vivien had 16 Siamese cats scattered amongst her houses and flats.

Vivien's luggage remained monogrammed with VLO even after her divorce to Laurence Olivier.

Vivien never traveled abroad without her Rolls Royce. The number plate on the car read "VLO."

When Vivien was on tour in Australia in 1961, she had The Times flown out everyday so she could keep up with the crossword puzzles.

Vivien had a habit of collecting hotel postcards and stationary and writing correspondences on them when she had long left the city, state, and even the country the hotel was located in. For instance, recipents may receive New York City hotel stationary with a personal handwritten note from Vivien, but indeed she sent it while in New Zealand.

Vivien sent Christmas cards to her fans. For 5 years after her divorce from Laurence Olivier, she stopped. But, in 1965, she resumed. Fans received an Oxfam card and a Christmas 1966 photo of her newest home Tickerage Mill.

While in the USA for Ship of Fools, Vivien and Jack went once or twice to a night club. Having been tipped off by the reservations clerk, the musicians played the theme music from Gone With the Wind when Vivien arrived. All guests stood up and clapped. Vivien loved it!

Vivien did not always enjoy watching Gone with the Wind. In fact, it became quite painful: "It makes me so sad to think of that picture . . . so many of its people are dead- Clark, Leslie, Walter (Connolly), dear Hattie, Victor, and even Margaret Mitchell . . . the last time I saw the film I wept all the way through it."

Vivien collected china. At Notley, adjacent to the kitchen, was a small room lined with shelves displaying the china she had collected on her travels. Much of it was in her favorite color, white.

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Date:July 7th, 2004 05:32 pm (UTC)

shes awesome

I love Viv shes so amazing. Thanks for posting that information...

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Date:December 18th, 2004 05:01 am (UTC)
Do you know of a good bio of Vivien? I'm especially interested in her psychological troubles. Thanks!
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Date:April 27th, 2006 06:27 pm (UTC)
there is a great one by anthomy burgess that delves quite a bit into her psycological problems.
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